Your ideal home is born from a sketch and will not be limited by the capabilities of traditional technologies.


It has never been so easy to implement the most daring ideas when creating concrete products!

3D принтер
3D printer

It has never been so easy to implement the most daring ideas when creating concrete products!


We are ready to provide professional support to companies aimed at developing this new and promising market.

3D printing with concrete on a printer

3D printing with concrete on a printer is transforming construction sites around the world, but can it produce high-quality homes faster, better and cheaper?

3D printing with concrete has become a completely new alternative technology in the construction industry, such a unique technology contributes to improving labor productivity, safety and quality in construction.

Traditionally, construction work was carried out both directly on the construction site and in the conditions of the workshop, but always with a high level of human factor. Construction 3D printing with concrete can significantly reduce the influence of the human factor, save time and money during construction. The technology of 3D printing with concrete is used today for the construction of houses, architectural elements, construction objects from vases to the walls of buildings.

Our company specializes in 3D printing, offers 3D printers (workshop (AMT S-6044, AMT S-6045M) and for the construction site (AMT S-300, AMT S-500) advises on specialized construction materials for 3D printing and processing of 3D printed concrete surfaces, offers full and maximum the range of services. Call the phone numbers listed on the website and our consultants will tell you about the basics and advantages of 3D printing with concrete, about what advantages it can offer compared to traditional construction methods. 3D printing with concrete, today, is a reality that is used all over the world. While some are just learning this breakthrough technology, our engineers are already using its undeniable advantages. It is worth paying attention to this topic, and you will find commercial buildings, residential buildings and many other structures built using this technology. Such construction printing can be done much cheaper and much faster than conventional construction methods, but the biggest advantage is the uniqueness and creativity of the proposed designs, which are no longer prohibitively expensive. Concrete printing turns several construction cycles into one, and months of work into days. The houses are distinguished by the strength of the monolith, are more resistant to bad weather and are energy efficient.

3D printing with concrete for construction

The technologies of the future will change the world and people's lives, come to us and let's change the world together!

According to research, 3D printing with concrete for construction has developed rapidly over the past five to seven years thanks to innovations in robotics, materials science and software. Simply put, 3D printing can change construction in terms of speed, cost-effectiveness and productivity. And these are not empty words – professional, well-known companies that actively use this technology agree with this.

"We believe this new technology has huge potential for the future, and we want to help shape that future," says the managing director of construction firm 3d4art.

The potential of concrete 3D printing is also evident in the results of construction companies. So the company for 3D printing with concrete reported that its profit increased by more than 60% in 2021, and in the first three months of 2022 it had 20% more orders than in the entire previous year. According to the latest data, by 2030, the 3D printing market in construction should reach more than $ 1.5 billion.

It is easy to understand why construction companies want to switch to 3D printing with concrete. This technology offers significant advantages for customers, including:

  • When producing less waste, there is no need for large concrete molds or formwork.
  • A significant reduction in construction time compared to the use of brickwork or concreting.
  • More possibilities in the design of buildings, the possibility of creating complex geometry that cannot be obtained with the traditional use of concrete.
  • Higher productivity (construction printer can print 24/7).
  • There is less need for construction workers.

However, the 3D concrete printing industry faces challenges that need to be addressed before such a technology can be more widely distributed. The main disadvantages of the technology:

  • High initial investment (purchase of a printer).
  • Restrictions on the size of concrete structures being created.
  • Selection of high-quality materials.
  • Special knowledge and specialists are required for the operation and maintenance of 3D printers.
  • The surface of the blocks created on the printer may be visually unattractive.

With the help of a printer, various elements can be printed with concrete (stairs, fences, fireplaces, fountains, monuments, advertising blocks, benches, etc.). A 3D printer with concrete can print large-scale structures, from spas and barbecues to houses and large commercial buildings, without the need for a traditional frame, molding or formwork. Our company offers a variety of AMT printers for such purposes, from small-format to very large. One of the important features of construction using concrete printers is the resilience of the business to recession. If the economy in the country slows down, the need for faster and more affordable construction methods increases, which will lead to even greater demand for AMT printers.

Affordable housing - a solution using 3D printing with concrete

When we first decided to invest in the research and development of concrete 3D printing and bring to market our services for the construction or rental of concrete printers, one of the key motives was the realization that we actually represent opportunities that can do more for developing countries.

Economists and municipalities always talk about the need for affordable housing, but not much has been done in several decades. And not at all because there was no desire or need, but simply because there were no new technologies in housing construction and there was no opportunity for construction companies to reduce costs, and hence housing prices, without reducing profits. 3D printing technology with concrete will allow construction firms to reduce costs and build affordable and high-quality housing, while making a profit.

Modern projects with wide open spaces, ecological construction, the development of architectural and construction clusters will become more accessible and faster in production.

The method of construction by additive 3D printing with concrete opens the door to futuristic structures with time and cost savings. This method can also be used for large-scale 3D printing of affordable housing. 3D printing with concrete can help solve the problem of the shortage of affordable housing in developing countries with the use of modern design, as well as create jobs for qualified local specialists. Such an approach can reduce the impact of housing construction on the environment and will allow the construction of modern, adapted to the environment of various countries housing at a record speed.

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