3d4art company specializes in the introduction of 3D printing technology with concrete into the construction process

Extensive experience in the construction and use of 3D printers for concrete printing allowed 3D4Art to improve the innovative 3D printing method. The processes of 3D printing with concrete are constantly being improved, which gives us valuable information on how to improve the efficiency of using the technology. We are always happy to share such experience and knowledge with our partners. The main advantages of the method of construction 3D printing with concrete is to reduce the cost and construction time in comparison with traditional methods of building construction.

We firmly believe that our integrated "3D4Art" home construction system, combining advanced equipment, software and modern materials, is the key to solving global problems such as housing shortage, lack of resources and shortage of skilled labor. We want to promote 3D concrete printing technology "3D4Art" to ensure reliable and comprehensive development in the construction industry worldwide. We share our experience and our technologies with our international partners to support and develop national projects.

Collaboration with the 3D 4 Art team opens up completely new design opportunities for architects and engineers that cannot be realized using traditional construction methods. Companies using the process of 3D printing with concrete can reproduce buildings and structures in exact accordance with technical norms and regulations, can use 3D printers on a construction site or in a construction hangar to manufacture individual blocks and components of the structure.

We provide a full range of services related to the construction of buildings and structures using 3D printing technology with concrete

Today, it can be argued that the prospect of 3D printing with concrete in construction is obvious, and together we can look into the future and see what positive changes this technology can bring to the house construction industry. Any aspects of such technology can be solved jointly with 3D4Art, by bringing together interested public and private institutions for the benefit of society. The participation of state structures of economic development management is especially important on this path, because the long-term advantages of such construction technology for overcoming the crisis of affordable housing are obvious, taking into account the national interests of society.

We develop technologies and create solutions. We are looking boldly into the future.

3D4Art develops technologies and creates solutions in the industry that make 3D printing with concrete accessible and convenient: solutions for debugging complex processes and improving the efficiency of collaboration. 3D printing technologies with concrete will solve social and economic problems, use less raw materials and transport, find opportunities to build cheaper and faster, automate construction cycles to reduce costs and increase profitability of production.


"Today we have achieved success in building small 3D-printed houses out of concrete and are ready to move into a new, innovative space," says the technical director of 3d4art.

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