When launching the production of construction 3d printing with concrete, it is important to take into account a large number of important conditions and technical requirements. Our company will help to open such a business project, develop production and debug all technical processes in production.

Professional consultants of our company will assist in the opening of production of construction 3D printing with concrete. Here are just some areas of consulting support:

  • Providing advice on choosing a printer for printing.
  • Product design development, preparation of 3D models for printing.
  • Production business processes and problem solving in part productions.
  • Preparation of design and technological documentation.
  • Materials for printing and processing 3D printed surfaces.
  • Formation of a financial model and calculation of the cost of work.

Making a plan. Organization of production.

Before buying a construction printer, our partners have a lot of questions: how to prepare concrete mixes, their composition, how to organize 3D printing, how to print complex geometric shapes efficiently, how to effectively use the printer's capabilities, how to train personnel, where to get programs for preparing models for construction printing, how to prepare code and correctly execute it with a printer, etc.

If your goal is to establish the production of simple small architectural forms (outdoor furniture, flowerpots, architectural products for landscaping), then most likely it will be enough to undergo training, which is carried out before shipping the printer to the customer. In the course of training: printer management, also, assembly and installation of the device, preparation of mixtures for work, maintenance and work with software.

However, if your organization is going to work on the construction of houses, structures, or you need to print products of complex shape, then you will need more in-depth knowledge or a team of qualified specialists in the field of 3D printing with concrete. The usual training course takes 2-3 days.

The training course includes:

  • training in the preparation of special mixtures for construction printing;
  • staff training in graphic editors;
  • correct use of the G-code when superimposed on a 3D model of a structure;
  • principles of operation on the printer and management of the 3D printing process;
  • printer installation, commissioning;
  • maintenance of the printing device.

I would like to note that for the qualified organization of production processes in the construction of buildings and structures, you will need technical specialists who know the features of 3D printing with concrete and are able to work in production.

Here are a few necessary working specialties: engineer-technologist for concrete, architect, designer, designer, printer operator, auxiliary workers. Workers and technical personnel need training and then gaining experience and skills for high-quality concrete printing.

Taking into account the development of technologies in construction, including concrete 3D printing, many specialists may face a lack of knowledge when 3D printing with concrete. The technologist at such production should understand the principles of additive (layer-by-layer technology) technology, know which concrete mixtures are suitable for printing. Large companies have the possibility of scientific and industrial research, invest heavily in the development of innovations in order to occupy a leading position in 3D concrete construction.


Construction and design of cottages, houses. 3D printing company – construction experience.

Our company has considerable experience in construction 3D printing with concrete. Our company 3D4Art has unparalleled experience in 3D printing technology with light-conducting concrete!

Our team of specialists is ready to provide professional assistance to companies seeking to develop their 3D construction printing business. We are happy to share the experience of our successful projects and promising technologies. The latest technologies will allow you to build buildings and facilities much faster and cheaper, which provides a competitive advantage. We already have experience in consulting on the development of special concrete mixes, the organization of the production process and understand what your company needs to achieve a positive result. We are always ready to provide full consulting support to your company on the launch of production and guarantee the result.

Our specialists will help to create 3D models, adapt printing management programs and make concrete mixes based on the region of production.

Approaches to the organization of work

The main goal is to create a team of specialists from our partner, who in the future will be able to independently build houses using the method of construction 3d printing with concrete. To do this, you will need to train specialists, master the technology of organizing production processes, help in selecting the composition of mixtures for creating construction concrete from local materials, provide consulting assistance in choosing a printer, in preparing technical and project documentation.

The approximate composition of work in the implementation of a joint consulting project.

Stage one.

Determination of the composition of the concrete mixture. Evaluation of available building materials, selection of components for concrete mix and application of technological regulations for construction mix. Signing of a non-disclosure Agreement - the document regulates the procedure for handling any confidential information. Carrying out activities for the preparation of the production premises. Procedures for setting up a construction printer. We will advise the customer in the selection of personnel.

Stage two – Preparation of construction production for printing, types of work

We carry out the installation of equipment. Software setup, we determine the printing capabilities of complex code. Training in the maintenance of technological equipment. Test printing with concrete according to the 3d model of the object, then the composition of the concrete mixture is adjusted and repeated testing is performed. Quality control of 3d printing is performed.

Stage three – 3d design

Preparation of the preliminary design of the structure based on the prepared sketch, taking into account the features of the 3d printer, printing and construction tasks performed. Then, based on the design work performed earlier, a 3d model of a building or structure is developed. Quality control of the construction site prepared by the customer for printing by the printer and technical control of the foundation for the future construction object is carried out. If necessary, work is carried out on the visualization of the structure. Development of a model of the production process and logistics chains of construction production.

The division of the 3d model of the structure into sectors according to the previously developed production process plan.

The formation of the printing program code, the translation of the form from the graphic editor into the program code. Performing testing of the print code.

Stage four – 3d printing with concrete

Execution of the author's supervision of the printing of the building on the basis of the prepared regulations of the printing process.

At all stages of construction, control over the execution of construction works is carried out and consulting support for the customer's project is provided.